Bits 'n Pieces from the Pre-OS X days

Below is a collection of software developed during the now.. old days.. of the pre-OS X mac era. Most of the software in this section will require MacOS 9.2 or earlier to run.


WebFinder is an easy-to-use Internet program that allows you to search the web more broadly and more efficiently. By grouping multiple search engines to-geather into 'Search Sets' it allows you to target the engines and web sites which are more suited to whatever you are searching for. The results are stored to file and are viewed in an easy-to-read list which you can filter accordingly.

Every application runs its course and the time has come to let WebFinder set with the sun. As there is no longer time to maintain the program version 5 has been re-released as freeware for anyone in the general public still getting by on pre-OS X macs.

Download version 5.1 - The last version to be released.
Download version 4.5.1 - The last version to be released for 68k macs (application only, requires full 4.5 installation).


  Image Extractor FileMaker 5.5 Plugin

If you've ever been in the situation in FileMaker where you've needed to export multiple images from a database field only to find that the image data is embedded directly within the field, instead of simply referencing a file on the hard disk, you would know what a bind this situation is. This plugin was built to solve that problem.




A simple control strip which shoots CDs onto the screen. It has no beneficial value beyond simple amusement.



  Battery Status Strip

A simple control strip which displays the current level of your powerbook battery(s). It supports both single and double battery use, indicates when the power cord is plugged in and provides battery voltage level details. Various preferences can be changed for the module.



  Uptime Strip

A simple control strip module which displays how much time has passed since you last restarted. Can also display how much 'real' time you have spent on your computer by subtracting all the time your computer has spent in sleep mode.



  CPU Temperature Strip

A simple control strip which gives a reading of the current temperature inside of your CPU.



  EV Ultra

EVUltra is a plugin for Ambrosia Software's (and Matt Burch's) Escape Velocity. One of the more interesting and addictive shareware games to take the stage circa 1996-97. If you hadn't guessed by [that] date this software is for older MacOS computers (when MacOS X and the very first bondi iMac had only then been announced), so this package will really only be of interest to people who are still getting by on a computer from that era (and still playing the game) or who simply like to collect this kind of stuff for nostalgia reasons. If you are such a person then I am happy to have re-released the plugin for you again.


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